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The Powerblanket® Drum and Bucket Warmer, with patented GreenHeat™ technology, protects product by maintaining desired temprature through an evenly heated area, thus reducing downtime. This keeps chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges, which means no overheating and burning of product. This product line fits 55, 30, and 15 gallon drums and 5 gallon buckets.
Powerblanket Drum and Bucket Warmers
BH05-RR 5gal Rapid Ramp 100°F (fixed) ±10°F 120V 60/120 Watts 0.50/1.00Amps

BH05-PRO 5gal Pro 160°F ±10°F w/ Adjustable Controller 120V 160 Watts 1.33 Amps
BH55-RR  55gal Rapid Ramp 100°F (fixed) ±10°F 120V 400/800 Watts 3.33/6.69 Amps
BH55-PRO  55gal Pro 160°F ±10°F w/ Adjustable Controller 120V 960 Watts 8.00 Amps
BH15-RR  15gal Rapid Ramp 100°F (fixed) ±10°F 120V 160/320 Watts 1.33/2.67 Amps
BH15-PRO  15gal Pro 160°F ±10°F w/ Adjustable Controller 120V 400Watts 3.33Amps
BH30-RR  30gal Rapid Ramp 100°F (fixed) ±10°F 120V 280/560 Watts 2.33/4.67 Amps
BH30-PRO  30gal Pro 160°F ±10°F w/ Adjustable Controller 120V 720 Watts 6.00 Amps
Email   Phone 509-554-6561
Fax      509-380-5789